Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gyro's House!

Joshua says:  Hi Readers! Last night my mom and I went to dinner at Gyro's House. There was a problem with our computer and we could not upload pictures but now it is fixed. When we got there, we were the first ones there and then other people came in. You order at the counter and I ordered a chicken gyro. It was huge! It was so big that I could only eat half of it and we got the rest to take home. Our waiter was so nice and he checked on us a lot. He also brought us some free dessert. It was delicious! I took a lot of pictures so you could see what everything looks like. P.S. Sophia was not there because she was with my dad. I would love to come back!

212 Castro Street, Mountain View 650-940-9136
Josh's huge Chicken Gyros


Jodie says: We have walked by Gyros House many times and it always looked like a fun place to eat so we decided to try it. You order at the counter and then choose a table. Even though everything is self serve, the nice gentleman who took our order brought us to a table and brought out silverware and bread for us. He was very friendly and made us feel very welcome.  I ordered the Falafel plate which was also huge. My dinner plate also had rice, hummus and salad.  After a while, more people came in.  They keep the door open so it gets a little cold inside. During dinner, our waiter brought us complimentary baklava which was really a treat. He chatted with us and the other people who were eating there. The falafel was a little spicy for me but it still tasted very good.  Josh and I had a nice dinner and we would love to come back with Sophia & Paul.

Food: ***1/2
Service: ****
Atmosphere: **1/2

  3 1/2 Ladybugs!

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