Monday, March 11, 2013

Hanabi Sushi!

Sophia says: Tonight we went to Hanabi Sushi. My brother and dad are not in this one because this time they were doing something special. When we got there, we entered through the party door room and did not know that it wasn't the real restaurant. My mom took a picture of the fountain as you can see down below. The hostess led us to a table in the main room. She also took our dinner order. My mom and I split the salmon terryaki and tempura dinner. The dinner tasted good but the salmon was not very tender. Our waitress checked on us multiple times but she left our dirty plates on the table. The restaurant is pretty big, has plenty of tables and it looked very clean.

           1040 N. Rengstorff Ave., Ste. A1, Mountain View 650-988-8686
                                the fountain in the party room area

Jodie says: Sophia and I have always wanted to try Hanabi Sushi. The parking is a little crowded because it is located in the same complex as Costco and there is always a lot of traffic.  It was pretty quiet when we walked inside and then a few other people came in.   We ordered right away and our dinner came quickly. I'm glad we split the bento box because it was more than enough for 2 people and we also had a side order of avocado rolls.  We had a nice and relaxing dinner out and I would like to go back again sometime with Paul and Josh.

Food: ***
Service: ***
Atmosphere: ***1/2

3 Ladybugs!

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