Saturday, June 29, 2013

Posh Bagel!

Sophia says: Hi Readers! Sorry it has been so long since our last review. We are on summer vacation! We are also having a heatwave this weekend.  Today we went to The Posh Bagel for lunch. When we got there, we were going to sit outside but it was too hot! So we moved inside. I ordered the Hawaiian Crepe which, had ham, mozzarella cheese, and pineapples. There was also bagels, smoothies, pizza, sandwiches and coffee on the menu. Our food took about 5 minutes to prepare. My crepe was delicious! The best part was the crepe, it was sweet and nice and doughy. The restaurant was air conditioned, so it was refreshing to be in it. My crepe was so huge that I barely finished it all, so we did not get dessert. Overall, I would come back for a smoothie or a bagel.

                  444 Castro Street, Ste. 120 Mountain View 650-968-5308

Josh says: Hi Readers! Today we went The Posh Bagel. There were so many things to choose from! I ordered a roast beef sandwich on a plain bagel. It came really fast and it was so good! And I ate it and it was delicious. The restaurant was medium sized and it had a big cake on display. I would come back

Jodie says: I really liked The Posh Bagel. Today is super hot and it was nice to go inside and have a relaxing lunch. When we got there, it was a little late and we missed the lunch crowd.  We ordered at the counter and they called our number about 5 minutes later. I had the veggie crepe and it was freshly made and delicious. The people behind the counter were really friendly and courteous. It was a nice break during the day and I would love to go back.

Food: ****
Service: ****
Atmosphere: ****
Overall:                             4 Ladybugs!

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