Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mures Upper Deck 2013

2008 was the last time I ate at Mures Upper Deck, and was so disappointed with the food, I swore I wouldn’t go again. Well, I went back last night – and had all my fears realized, in spades. Not only was the menu unadventurous, but the food was very average, and the service severely lacking, with the prices being too high for the quality of food I got.

I watched two tables leave without ordering, leaving half drunk glasses of water and menus on the table, after being well ignored by the many totally disorganized waitstaff on duty. There was no rhyme nor reason to the way they seemed to be operating. All staff going in different directions, showing new arrivals to their tables then managing to forget or overlook them until a hungry customer stopped a passing waitperson and requested their order for food and drinks be taken. This happened to us and all the tables around us.

I had the Upper Deck Selection ($33.90). No matter how much wordage you devote to making menu items sound appetizing and delectable, the fact remains that when a simple plate of badly cooked battered scallops, crumbed fish, and two extremely chewy calamari rings, with chips, arrives at the table, you can’t help but feel ripped off!

The occasion was a birthday celebration for Rita – made not at all notable by the food and service at Mures Upper Deck.

Bad luck Mures that I was approached as I left by two tourists staying at Grand Chancellor, who had been told there was a one hour wait for a table in the Upper Deck, and wanted my opinion as to whether or not it was worth the wait for them. You can guess at my response!

Mures Upper Deck – you could do so much better. As Aunty Jack would say – “Get it together, cavemen!”

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