Friday, June 7, 2013


Sophia says: Hi Readers! Today is the day I graduated from the 5th grade! As a special treat, we went to Scratch for lunch with my grandma and grandpa to celebrate! It is called Scratch because most everything is made from scratch. I ordered a cheese pizza off of the kids menu. They have also have a vegetarian menu and a regular menu. Our waitress also announced the specials of the day. Everything took a little longer than usual to come. I liked my pizza. For dessert we ordered a chocolate brownie sundae with pecans to share. The sundae was actually in a bowl and Josh and I ate all of it. The bathrooms were clean and the restaurant is nice.

                401 Castro Street, Mountain View 650-237-31312

Josh says: Hi Readers, this is Joshua speaking here - Today was the last day of my 2nd grade! I will now be in 3rd grade tomorrow which is the start of summer! We had lunch at Scratch with my grandma and grandpa. When we got there, the waitress brought us to a table. I ordered a cheeseburger with fries like I always do. I really like cheeseburgers. They also had bread with butter and that was really good. And after we were done, we had dessert. And it was really good. It was a chocolate brownie sundae with ice cream. And after we had dessert we left. I would probably come back. Happy Summer!

Paul says: I ordered the scratch burger and it was better than most burgers. The service seemed fine but slow. It's a little pricey for you get, everything was average, no 'wow' here.

Jodie says: Today was a special day for Sophie & Josh and we wanted to have a celebration lunch with our family. I ordered the steamed mussels which were really delicious. My mom ordered the baby green salad with goat cheese. When it came, it didn't have any goat cheese on it.  I thought the service was not that great. I have been wanting to come here for a long time and I think we were expecting it to be a little bit better than it was. The best part of the lunch was being with my family.

Food: ****1/2
Service: ***
Atmosphere: ****
Overall:                                       3 1/2 Ladybugs!

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