Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chipotle Mexican Grill!

Sophia says:  Hi Readers, we have a special review for you! The other night we went to Chipotle with our friends, Noreen, Julia, Katia and Lucy. Chipotle serves Mexican food and I have never been there before. When we got there, I noticed it was not that big and you stand in line to order at the counter. I ordered a taco kit from the kid's menu and on it I asked for black beans, chicken and white rice. They did not offer lettuce or cheese. The food was good but my chicken was kind of spicy. The kids meal comes with a drink and chips. My chips were salty. I had fun because it is a loud and crazy place and I would come back again sometime.

1039 El Monte Ave, Mountain View (650) 919-8448

Lucy & Katia!

Josh says: Hi Readers! We went to Chipotle with our friends. P.S. I am older than Lucy and Katia. When we got there, we had to go to the line to order our food. There was a lot of people waiting. The restaurant is kind of small but a lot of people ordered and took their food home. We stayed there to eat. I ordered the chicken quesadilla and I loved it. When we were done, we were about to leave until Katia's big sister Julia let us play a Temple Run game on her phone. Temple Run is a cool game. And then we left. I would definitely come back! 

Noreen says: I found Chipotle to be delicious, quick, efficient, healthy and reasonably priced. The staff is always very friendly. The food always tastes fresh and the servings are generous. I love the taco salad and the kids are always happy with their bean burritos. The pinto beans with bacon are especially good as is the cilantro-lime rice. We will definitely keep going back.

Jodie says: We had such a fun time at Chipotle! There was a long line of people but it moved pretty quickly and we were able to order and find a table. I ordered the taco salad and they assemble everything in front of you at the counter. Even though it was very busy, all the staff were extremely friendly and the work space was very clean and organized. I accidentally chose hot salsa so my dinner was very spicy for me but I still liked it. Special thanks to Julia for taking all of the photos for this review! 

Food: ***1/2
Service: **1/2 (self serve after you order)
Atmosphere: ****

 3 Ladybugs!

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